About Us

Hi there!  I’m Marina.  Welcome To My Blog!

I’m So Excited to share my journey in discovering herbal supplements, delicious plant based recipes and the benefit of

Loving Your Food Every day 

Herbaceous LYFE. 

We’ll Explore The Health Benefits of Plants and Herbs From Around The World



Why I’m blogging?

All my life I have found joy in cooking and researching natural ingredients.  I’m passionate about healthy living, delicious food and the benefits of using herbs.

It’s in my genes, both sides of my family come from farms in the hills of Greece, where good eating and healing with herbs is the way of life.  My ancestors lived healthier and longer by keeping it All Natural. 


Our Mission

In My Journey with You, 

I’ll research the benefits of good ingredients and provide you with simple delicious recipes.   I’ll take you through a journey of discovering how to live healthy in our modern world.  Discovering recipes and remedies from around the world.

My other passion is discovering ways to stay physically fit.  I’ll share with you how I’ve maintained my weight through healthy foods and a good dose of physical activity.  After all my farmer ancestors didn’t sit around all day!



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