Energy and Vitality – Maca Powder

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More Energy and A Boost to Your Libido

Add this ancient remedy to your shake!


Some of the benefits of Maca powder have been known since ancient times.  Increased Energy > Vitality and Endurance > Healthy Sexual Function & Libido > Reduced Anxiety and Stress > Healthy Brain Function > Balancing Healthy Hormone Levels

Energy Enhancement

In ancient times, warriors consumed the maca root to boost stamina and strength before going into battle. Maca was considered so valuable it was even used as currency and at times, reserved only for royalty. Cut to the present and maca is still used as a tonic to enhance vitality, energy and stamina. For this reason it is often called ‘Peruvian ginseng’. It can help prevent an 11am energy dip or 3pm crash.


Adrenal Nourishment

Rushed, edgy or juggling too many responsibilities? Maca could be your best friend. Like licorice and ginseng, the maca root is one of the rare plants that can be classified as an ‘herbal adaptogen’. This means it can directly change the balance of your hormones to help you adapt to stress and illness. Your endocrine (hormone) system is in the front line when it comes to handling the effects of stress on your body

Maca root powder has become popular due to benefits which may include increased energy levels, vitality and endurance, healthy sexual function and libido, reduced anxiety and stress, healthy brain function and balancing healthy hormone levels to help relieve symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes.


  1. An excellent source of vital vitamins and minerals

Maca Root contains great quantities of vitamin B12, B1 and B2 vitamins. Also, it is a welcome source of vitamins C and E. Maca users get a protein boost. And extra zinc, iron, magnesium and other valuable minerals. Reduces problems of fatigue and reenergizes the body.

2. Supposed to increase fertility

In the Andes region, Maca Root has a reputation as food that helps pregnancy. This is one of the principal reasons behind its popularity around the world. Some studies confirm the belief that this root helps to improve both male and female fertility through the changes it makes in hormonal balances. However, it is important to point out that after a woman becomes pregnant, she needs to stop taking this supplement.

3. Assists with the stresses of menopause

Known to relieve physical and emotional challenges, like hot flashes,fatigue, anxiety.  This is a welcome natural alternative to synthetic drugs.  Even though maca takers do not need to fear any serious side effects, it is still best to avoid taking large doses.

4. Used to fight off fatigue

Frequent users report experiencing a rise in energy levels within a few days from the time they start to take it. Great for athletes to add to their meals plans. Begin with a small dose of about a teaspoon full and then gradually increase the dosage.

5.  Get the most out of your mental abilities

Maca enhances thinking abilities and memory. Great for students to take a teaspoon full of maca each day as the exam season approaches. It is possible that maca could also delay the onset of mentally debilitating diseases although there is no scientific evidence that its powers extend this far.

6.  Provides a general health tonic

The health-giving compounds that maca root contains make it a good choice for a health booster. For example, the iron it brings into the bloodstream lowers the risk of anemia, and its vitamin C increases protection against colds and the flu. Some claim that maca lowers the risk of prostate disease, but this assertion lacks scientific proof at present. While most people need not be concerned over side effects, those who suffer from high blood pressure or liver issues should not try to strengthen their health in this way without first consulting their doctors.

7.  Could relieve depression symptoms

The successful employment of maca root to treat menopause stress is just one of many examples where it could replace anti-depressant drugs. It does so by raising energy levels and initiating hormonal changes that produce a more positive mental state. Regular doses of maca might help pull someone out of a depression. Nevertheless, nobody who is currently taking anti-depressants should stop taking them and replace them with maca without first obtaining their doctor’s authorization.

8.  Good for the bone structure

The presence of trace elements of calcium is one of the main reasons why maca root benefits the bone structure. These benefits include strengthening bones and increasing bone density. Some users are convinced that daily doses can prevent the development of osteoporosis. While there is no scientific backing behind such statements, a great deal of anecdotal evidence is available. Except for patients in the midst of treatment for serious health issues, it is safe to start with small daily doses and see what difference maca makes.

9. Could help to reduce toxins in the body

Perfect for Urban dwellers – Poor quality foods, lack of exercise and exposure to car fumes and other pollutants are just two of the most common causes of toxin accumulations in the body. Glucosinates, and other antioxidants found in a dose of maca strengthen resistance to the damage that free radical compounds cause to cells.  It is ideal to live in an environment and follow a lifestyle that minimizes toxins in the bloodstream. However, in situations where such a dramatic change is not practical, regular doses of maca root could improve immunity.

10.  Valuable skin care properties

The gains from applying maca to the skin do not receive as much attention as its other benefits. That being said many users testify that it helps them. Certainly, some of its properties assist in the repair of damaged tissues and so its skin care value should not be a big surprise. Some find that it helps to rid them of acne and other sources of skin damage. It is also applied the skin to protect it in very hot or cold weather.